Meeting needs at home and across the world.

Camp Concern is a Church of Christ summer camp that offers a week of camping and spiritual instruction throughout the month of July.  It is located at Raccoon Creek State Park near Burgettstown, PA, and is open to children from ages 8-18.  Many of our children have attended this camp, and a number of our adults have worked with this ministry at some point in time.  Camp Concern provides children with a week of in-depth Bible classes, fellowship with other young Christians, and the opportunity to interact with Christian adults.

The Coraopolis Church of Christ was without a minister for over twenty years.  We were approached by Jeremy Main and asked to support his desire to become their full-time preacher.  He had been working as the associate minister in Chester, WV, and had attended the school of preaching in Moundsville, WV.

The Fifth and Beechwood Church of Christ is another local congregation that had a difficult time being able to afford a full-time preacher.  Perrico Robinson is a native of Selmer, Tennessee.  Since March 18, 2012, he has been the Pulpit Minister for the Fifth and Beechwood Church of Christ in Pittsburgh, PA.  He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN where he received his B.S. degree and is currently working towards a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary.

Disaster Relief is a nationwide effort based out of Tennessee.  They work with Churches of Christ in areas that have been struck by natural disasters and provide food, clothing, and other necessities to those in need.  We have been supporters of Disaster Relief for over ten years.

Barry and Stacy Rosie have been working with the church in Madagascar for many years.  They began a number of churches there and also have an orphanage for children in need.  We have been working with them for over ten years, and they have visited Whitehall a number of times to share their ministry with us.

Midwestern Children’s Home is the mission we have worked with for the longest period of time.  This is a Church of Christ facility that houses children who are under the state’s care.  The work they are doing allows them to share God’s love with these children who so desperately need Him.  They welcome visitors any time and have visited us on a few occasions as well.